* Do You Know Which Growth Levers to Pull?

February 02, 2016

By Debra Kunz

Developing and managing growth is an essential and continuous challenge for every business. You may now be seeking more rapid growth, at a serious decision crossroads, or managing the complications of a surge of success. Knowing which levers to pull, when, and by how much are the keys to meeting your goals. 

Three key components of business growth incorporate strategy, effort and results (among several others). If you feel overwhelmed and spinning in place, you lack strategy. If you have a strategy, but lack results, you are missing an action step(s). If you are taking action, though aren’t creating growth or forward movement, your effort isn’t aligned with your goals.

To find out which growth levers impact your results, contact Certified Business Coach Debra Kunz for a complimentary Deliberate Growth™ Discovery Session. She’ll help you determine where to focus your decisions, effort and resources, and detect what’s missing right now.  Call 913-219-9635 or email debrakunz@debrakunz.com

About Debra Kunz

Debra Kunz is a Certified CMMS Business Coach with 24+ years of experience that includes 14 industries and working with small and medium sized businesses as well as large corporations. Her distinctive method is instrumental in prioritizing relevant Deliberate Growth™ Levers for each client’s situation.

Examples of client results include achieving record revenue in the off season, boosting revenue out of stagnation, streamlining growth and implementation plans that actually become a reality, and making it easier to take your business to the next level by creating better results through your people. More info about Debra at www.dkkgroupllc.com.

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