* 3 Ways to Take Control of your website

March 19, 2009

Do you sometimes feel that your website isn’t working for you? Are you frustrated to have to turn to your “web guys” every time you want to update your website? Are they taking too long to make the updates? Is it cost prohibitive?

These are very common problems I hear about on a daily basis. This particular problem has several solutions ranging from the inexpensive up front cost to the complete overhaul that will save you in the long run.

Here are some options that may work for you.

1. Adobe Contribute

Adobe Contribute is a popular program that allows you to add new pages, change text, insert pictures, add audio/video, build PayPal buttons, and more. The biggest benefit is the ease of use. If you know how to use Microsoft Word, you can use Contribute. It requires no programming knowledge and has easy learning curve. You can download a free trial version from Adobe.com.

2. Content Management Systems (or CMS)

Larger website these days require diverse functionality and regular updates in order to keep the content current and relevant. Features may include blogs or news items that are ever changing, shopping carts with changing catalogs of merchandise, event calendars - the list goes on ad infinitum. If this sounds like your situation, a content management system may work best for you. From custom-made systems to large feature-filled options to open source software, there’s a content management system out there to fit your needs. These systems require some ground work and cost initially, but once up and running they enable multiple people to edit content in an intuitive and easy-to-use fashion. You simply log-in to your website from your favorite browser and make changes on the fly. This allows you and your staff to make changes from any computer at any time.

3. Online Alternatives

There are many services now that provide complete packages of hosting and content management delivery in one. These vary according to scale and features required ranging from a simple blog-like site to a complete database with e-commerce capabilities. You can find thousands of alternatives by searching the internet for “content management systems”. Make sure you do your homework. You want a company that has a solid reputation and will not disappear overnight.

Technology is growing daily which is good news for the business owner. You no longer have to be a slave to a web company. But make sure you have the time to do the edits yourself. I have seen companies spend money to have this ability and, in the end, send the edits back to their “web guys”.

Now get out there and look good!

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