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March 31, 2008

Did you know that the major players in the market spend around a quarter of their budget on knowing who they’re talking to? Even Pepsi has a target market and it’s not, “anyone who drinks soda”. If you haven’t spent time doing it yet, you might want to determine who your target market is. Who gets your service? Who readily pays and understands the value? Who will frequent your store? You might be surprised to find out it’s not who you think.

Once you’ve established this, you need to know why people buy. It’s usually for 2 reasons: To make themselves feel better or to solve a problem. We rationalize and justify later. If this weren’t true, credit card companies would go out of business.

Now you should know who you’re talking to and the reason they buy. Let’s layout some simple rules to follow:

1. Don’t put the declaration of independence on a postage stamp: Your ad is to generate interest so that you can close the sale - it is not a list of everything you do. The more you stuff into your ad, the more confusing it is and the more it makes you look hard to work with. Choose a product or service and go with that. You can always drive them to your website to find out about the rest of your products or services.

2. Call To Action: Once you have your product or service, give your prospects a reason to call now. “mention this ad and get 25% off”, “Offer ends Sunday”, “Act now, supplies are limited”, “Call now and get a free widget”, etc - You get the picture.

3. Tracking: Develop a system for tracking the response on your ad. Put a special phone number, tell them to ask for Mr. Green (when there isn’t a Mr. Green) or point them to a special landing page on your website. The point is to make sure you know what the return is on your advertising dollar.

4. Language & Photos: Use visuals and language that your prospects respond to. Sometimes we can’t see the forest for the trees - we get caught up in industry terms and trying to sell the benefits we think are important. People buy for their own reasons. If you are selling a beverage to men, you might use images of single women and talk about how it tastes. If you are selling to women, you might use couples and speak to less calories. You have to like your advertising but your prospects must love it.

Now get out there and look good.

Chris Motley
Motley Creations

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