* Caring about your community allows your community to care about you

November 08, 2010

The holidays are coming. And before you get caught up in holiday greetings to your clients, or sending a little something to reward their loyalty, or running that promotion to catch some holiday shopper’s attention, I feel the need to mention that there are children who are homeless and families who don’t anything to celebrate this year – No livingroom to hold a tree or light a Menorah, no money for thoughtful presents, and generally not much to give thanks about.

At this point, I could go into the housing numbers or the jobless rate, but like me, you’ve been bombarded by that information, day after day, over the past couple years. At this time, what is relevant is your ability to help others and forge bonds within your community.

Chris and I are encouraging all of our clients, contacts, and partners to reach out to local charities and get involved. Use this troublesome time as an opportunity to establish your business as a caring one, show your prospects that you have ties to their community, and generate some goodwill.

If you’d like your business to be involved: Choose a charity or organization and make contact. They can help you get involved and let you know what’s needed. From there, we can help you get the word out. We can facilitate your sponsorship materials, plan your campaign, or get your message out.

Ways to build your public relations by making donations or becoming a sponsor:

• Raise your name recognition with your logo on the charities materials

• Update your website with your announcement and link to and from the organization’s website

• Contact your subscriber group to update them with the news and encourage them to get involved

• Create an ad accenting the event or encouraging your demographic donate their time or money to the cause (hurry though – ad deadlines are tight)

• Create handouts, flyers, or giveaways and get your team to encourage involvement

• Create connections by offering to host events in your business space

• Increase traffic by serving as a donation drive location

Contact me or Chris if you’d like recommendations on any of the above or if you’d like us to help plan your involvement.

Now get out there and DO GOOD!

Jim Young

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