* Finding the OUCH

January 24, 2011

In the beginning, there were features and benefits, and they were good. Then somebody noticed that brow beating prospects until they succumbed with those same features and benefits wasn’t as productive as it sounded. You might even say, it was counter productive.

I learned early on in my business life that people buy for their own reasons. They buy to either solve a problem or make themselves feel better (then they’ll rationalize later). In other words – pain makes people buy. This being the case, we need to figure out why they buy from YOU and what is their PAIN.

If your business is heating and cooling, you could list why your products are great in your ads. Unfortunately, most people don’t care why you think your products are great. OR, you could put less copy in your ad and address your prospects emotions. Things like “Is your heater ready for this winter?”. This will illicit an emotional response and let your prospects fill in the blanks. If they have a young child like I do, they may worry about their child and think “maybe I should have my heater looked at. I’d hate for it to go out in the middle of the night”.

You can follow up in your ad with an offer based on the response you were looking for. In this case, it might be an offer for a free service such as testing their furnace for efficiency or a free cleaning - whatever gets you in the door.

I don’t believe in taking advantage of people. What I do  believe in is repeat business and referrals. To get those, you need to care about your clients and provide them with the best service you can. That being said, your ads just may be able to get you in front of people who TRULY need your service. You may even save them some pain.

Now get out there and look good!

Chris Motley
Motley Creations

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