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August 22, 2008

1. According to AC, Nielsen 96% of people use the internet to find a local business.

2. 67% of the people surveyed who didn’t choose to do business a second time with a company, chose not to because that business made no attempt to communicate with the client.

I recently had a client point out these interesting statistics and thought I should share them with you. I find them very interesting and think they are important to take into consideration when you are looking for, and trying to maintain clients.

How do you take advantage of these statistics?
Starting September 1st, there will be a website that can show you just how to do this at a reasonable price. Make a note of the URL: www.4EyesMarketing.com. Here you can take advantage of local search marketing to get you in front of the 96%, e-touch marketing to communicate with the 67% as well as call tracking to monitor your marketing results. You can even get a one page website built for a minimal cost.

I highly recommend this system as it’s made with the small business in mind. The small business owner must be smart and effective in how he spends his dollars. You might not have a large marketing budget. You may be great at what you do but have little idea about marketing. You may have even tried on your own to do some of these things with mixed results. Believe me, there is a science to this and the results can be measured down to the penny. Can you say ROI? You don’t need to try anymore of the “push marketing” or “casting the net” with little proof of results.

Remember: www.4EyesMarketing.com - look for it September 1st and start taking real steps towards growth.

Now get out there and look good.

Chris Motley
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