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August 22, 2012

When you’re considering social marketing strategies, one size does not fit all. Just because one company gets volumes of success from something, it may seem like a magic bullet for your company. Here’s the tough news: There are no magic bullets. What works for a carpet cleaner isn’t going to be the same for a law firm. It’s about who your clients are and where they hang out.

If you are a service based company then you may very well get clients through Facebook. If you are an accounting firm, who only works with businesses, than it’s probably not going to do much for you. It’s probable that you would be better off building up your presence on LinkedIn. Recently, I had a talk with a law firm that wanted to explore the idea of starting up a Facebook page. We drew out a pyramid of their work with small jobs such a wills, LLC’s, name checks, and such, being at the bottom. At the very top of the pyramid, was large corporate contract litigation. After some discussion they realized that they might get the bottom of the pyramid but not the top – so, Facebook wasn’t right for them.

Let’s assume you are a service based business that helps within the home; such as tree trimming, plumbing, or an electrician etc. These types of business can benefit greatly through Facebook; since referrals, testimonials, and personal service can lead to great success.

If you are thinking about developing a Facebook page (or have one already), here are a few basic rules you might want to keep in mind when posting to your account:

1. Discussing Politics: Unless it is part of your business, let’s leave this one alone. No matter how passionate you are, you can lose out big time by stating your views here. You never know who you could offend. It may be a client you already have or one who would have been great for your business.

2. Don’t go on about yourself. Repeatedly touting how great you are will bore people and ultimately lead to them to either ignore you or “unlike” you. While it’s good to toot your own horn now and again, keep it light. Give people something to chuckle about that still has to do with your industry. If you make them smile, they’ll be back. If they come back, they’ll remember you when they need your service.

3. Discussing Religion: I believe this is the first time this has been mentioned in any content anywhere that has to do with Motley Creations. The reason? People always have strong opinions, either positive or negative. It is very easy to push potential clients away for either reason. Tread lightly here folks.

4. Give them content they can use. Either content that will help them educate themselves about your industry or entertain them. I found that photos of staff doing things, such as golf, get a big response as well. People love to comment about people they know. When they do, you are viewable by ALL of their friends. You can have 150 likes but have the potential to reach 65,000 people. Think about that for a minute.

You should have ground rules set out for your Facebook presence. You can view your insights to see what works and what doesn’t and adjust accordingly. I put time on my calendar three times a week to make sure I’m posting. You HAVE to put in the time to see results.

Now get out there and look good!

Chris Motley
Motley Creations

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