* Socialize Your Prospects

June 21, 2011

So let’s say you have a big prospect meeting coming up. And, let’s assume this would be a great account for you. Just how do you use social media to your advantage?

First, ask your prospect to provide a list of attendees. These are the people that you will want to build a rapport with, as they may influence the decision to use your company. Next, do some research. Find all of these people on all the major social media outlets - Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

You may want to find out what school they went to, what groups they belong to - any connections you may have between your companies people and their people will be good. You could even find their blogs and read their articles. You need to know these people and what their expertise is, what their concerns are, and what are they tweeting. This research can be a way of connecting with your prospect on a more emotional level and make them more comfortable with using your company.

Share the information you gather with the rest of your team to find ways to make connections. Make sure your team brings up these social connections in the meeting before the meeting as they are being introduced. Use the information you gathered from blogs and articles when you present. Focusing on their concerns will help you generate solutions to present and ultimately, help you close the deal with less of a dog and pony show.

Now get out there and look good!

Chris Motley
Motley Creations
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