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March 30, 2012

A lot of businesses who have Facebook pages are still trying to figure out what to do when Timeline takes effect today. (In case you have somehow managed to remain blissfully unaware; Facebook is rolling out their new design for the layout of all Facebook pages, called Timeline). If you’re still trying to get caught up with the new setup, below are some tips to help you fix up your Facebook page.

1. You’ll notice you now have a “cover photo” that runs across the width of the page. This photo should be 850 pixels by 315 pixels and is restricted by Facebook in what it can contain:

    • No price or purchase info

    • No contact info

    • No reference to user interface elements (i.e. “like”, or “share”)

    • No calls to action

You can find out more here.

2. The profile picture size has changed as well to 180 pixels by 180 pixels. This image will also show up next to your posts as a 30 pixel by 30 pixel image so keep that in mind when your choosing. Several creative people have used the cover photo and the profile picture to play against each other in creative ways.

You can see some examples here.

3. You can still have your welcome pages and even more using “Applications” - the buttons that show up on the bottom right of your cover photo. Click the down arrow on right most button to display all your applications. Click the pencil in the top right corner to allow you to swap buttons with others. You can also change the name and icon by clicking the pencil and selecting “edit settings”. The custom icon should be 111 pixels by 74 pixels.

There are so many other things you can do like build specific landing pages for certain content, much like a webpage. You can find a list of apps to help you create your landing pages here.

Theres no way to fight the might Facebook, so I say: Get on board, learn what you can do and get out there and look good!

Chris Motley
Motley Creations

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