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October 19, 2012

A while ago, we’d written an article that discussed QR Codes (you remember those little crossword puzzle looking blocks that you see everywhere), but there’s a new kid in town that makes them look just so 2011. And this newest bit of tech for your smart phone is called Near Field Communication or NFC.

If you’ve seen one of the latest Samsung Galaxy 3 (smartphone) commercials, you’ll notice two people touching their phones together and swapping a music playlist from one device to another – That’s NFC. That’s kind of a fun idea, but there’s a lot more potential uses than two hipsters sharing their jams. NFC doesn’t necessarily have to be between two phones – There are products called NFC Tags.

Think of NFC Tags like mini disks that can be written with data and then scanned by anyone with an NFC capable device. So what you ask? Imagine the applications for that neat little ability. Imagine we have a first time business meeting and at the end, instead of holding out my old paper business card, I hold out my NFC Tag. You wave your phone over it and viola … Now my information is instantly added to your contacts list. Within a second, you’ve got my email address and my website at your fingertips. The applications for NFC go on and on. Why print brochures if your perspective clients are savvy enough to grab a digital copy from an NFC tag? Think of the experience a user could have in a museum that featured NFC tags; each providing streaming links to videos and articles related to the exhibits. Ok, how ’bout something a little less heady … What if that great new restaurant you’ve found has an NFC tag by their register and in less than a second, you’ve got their menu scanned and at the ready for the next time you get the urge for a late night nosh on some Hungarian-Thai food… Well, you get the point.

Obviously, NFC won’t fit every demographic or business, but it’s the kind of technology that can be applied in so many creative ways.

Now get out there and look good!

Chris Motley
Motley Creations

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