* Web Sites - Fast, Flexible and Investment Saving - part 2

April 22, 2007

Last time, we discussed Internet usage by average individuals – the fact that 87% of people research the Web before a purchase, and some of the benefits to your business of having an online presence. In this issue, we would like to expound on some of those benefits.

Let’s do a little math – I know, a poor way to start but it’s necessary. What is an average sale for your business in round numbers? What if you lose one sale per month due to lack of or a poor Web presence? It’s not “how much will it cost?” but rather “how much will you lose?”

Most conversations with clients start with “I know this guy – my brother’s, neighbor’s, babysitter’s uncle - who did our Web site.” Not necessarily a bad start into a Web presence but I want you to think about something: What if a client attributes the quality of your service to the quality of your Web site? Is your Web site as professional as you are?

Your Web site is not just an advertisement. You can list detailed information about your products or services, your credentials, your location, testimonials, contact information and much more. Space is not limited. Not to mention, if you sell online, it’s a store that never closes!

Most people like researching or purchasing in an “informational” environment rather than in a “persuasive” environment. In other words, it causes less stress to read information and make a choice than to contend with a sales person who they perceive cares more about his commission than their needs. If you provide a friendly, comfortable Web environment, your clients, prospects and even potential employees will thank you.

The last aspect is networking. When you meet people at a networking event do they take notes about your business? Of course not. Give them the most complete source of information by putting your Web address on your business card. They can then “reconnect” with you at their convenience, as well as refer you on. Let’s face it – a catchy Web address is easier to remember than a phone number.

Now get out there and look good!

Chris Motley
Motley Creations

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