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October 20, 2009

What is Website Stickiness? It is the ability to keep clients on your website as well as get them to return periodically. Why should you care about this? The average person exits a site in less than a minute. If you are selling products or services, you need them to stay, to feel comfortable, to keep coming back and to view your site as a “go to” site for information and/or entertainment as it relates to your field.

Consider sites like Apple. They are a computer/phone hardware and software company; Yet their site is filled with items like movie trailers, training, news, forums, stores, free downloads and several other incentives to get you to come back. In this way, they generate more traffic that will learn of their new products and services with little money spent. Pretty smart, I’d say. The worst thing you can hear from a client is “I didn’t know you provided that product/service”.

Some of the fundamentals are just plain horse sense. For instance, easy navigation and clean design are essential. People must be able to scan and find what they need quickly. Drop the spinning whirly gigs unless that’s what you’re selling. Many people want a large amount of “action” on their page. I liken it to trying to read a book while a 3 year old is running back and forth in front of you. Not good.

Know your audience and what they like. Use Google analytics (free) to see what content they interact with on a consistent basis. Use this to help you plan for updating your content. Updating is essential. If nothing changes, there is no reason to return.

There are several weapons to choose from when adding to your site. Video content, which is the most searched item on the internet, is a great plus. You can add training and product videos and even funny videos from places like youtube.com. Content is king – so fresh articles, news and RSS feeds are a great addition. Interactivity in the form of blogs, forums, widgets, games and tools are also good. Finally you might consider having a list of helpful links for your clients to choose from. If done right, this list will also help with your standing in search engines.

Now get out there and look good.

Chris Motley
Motley Creations
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