* What is VoC?

September 21, 2013

Ever been on a website and been asked to take a short survey? (If you have a pulse and a mobile device or computer than you most certainly have.) So what’s the story behind this?

It’s a growing trend in marketing called VoC or Voice of Customer. As social media and networking use has grown, companies have found out that the level of data they can gather to help them market has grown. VoC allows your customers to give you direct feedback regarding your online presence, your products, and a host of other information. This new level of information gathering allows you (your business) to react and take direct action to engage your customers.

Information is king in marketing. Integrating this information with analytics; e.g. tools like UserZoom and Google Analytics, gives you a more complete picture. These tools allow you to import your VoC results directly into your analytics to form metrics that help you measure the success of your online presence and where there might be opportunities for improvement.

You can find out things like who the users are, why they visited, was their visit successful, and would they recommend your site/products to others. All of this becomes invaluable in painting a bigger marketing picture that allows you to make smart choices with your marketing budget.

Now get out there and look good!

Chris Motley
Motley Creations

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