* What Time is a Good Time?

April 04, 2017

About a year ago I had a client come to me and ask when was a good time to send out their e-newsletter. My first thought was, “good question”. I proceeded to research what data is out there and I came up with some interesting information.

First, let’s assume that you want more “opens” and “click throughs” as a first goal. And then let’s assume that you want more subscribers or more traffic as an ultimate goal.

From sources like MailChimp, GetResponse and HubSpot I found that the best days to send out is the middle of the week. Each company’s data is remarkably similar. They say the best days are Tuesday through Thursday.

Here’s where the data starts to stray from company to company. Their suggestions are as follows: 10 am/11am is the most agreed upon. 8 pm - This is based on the idea that people check email before they go to bed. 1 pm/2 pm - it is believed people are checking out of work at this time and want a distraction.

My experience is that there are no hard and fast rules. It really depends on your target audience demographic and their behaviors. It is also affected by the content. I have a habit of going through the analytics and seeing which articles get the most traction. I suggest you do the same. I would also suggest that you try the times and days listed above. Do it for a few months and check out your rates. Most newsletter services have analytics you can check. Get the data and then try another day and time. You should be able to find what works best for you.

As a side note, I also found information about subject lines that influence open rates. According to the study, subject lines with the word “you” were opened 5% less than without it. Subject lines with the word “free” were opened 10% more. The words “Quick” and “FW:” were opened 17% less, the word “Tomorrow” were opened 10% more and the word “Meeting” were opened 7% less.

So there are MANY factors that influence your open rates. There is not a one size fits all answer. I would suggest you start sending Tuesday’s at 10 am and keep a close eye on your analytics. Then factor in the articles that got the best response. As a last item, take into consideration your subject line as well.

Now get out there and look good!

Chris Motley
Motley Creations

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